Monday, 7 July 2008

The prolonged apathy of this poor, unclimbing, soul.

Not much at all has been going on since I last posted on this blog, at least not climbing wise! I have moved into my new house, (woo!) but am now back at home (boo!) preparing for CUMC's upcoming alps trip. The weather has been atrocious, even worse than the normal lot to be found in Cardiff! And so like a caged tiger I have been restlessly pacing my prison of a house wondering when the next time I will actually touch real rock will be! It not been altogether that bad however, as along with my friend liv and mat have happened to have a very enjoyable op rope session at Gloucester indoor warehouse; I must be getting at least slightly better as 6b to 6b+ wasn't posing that much of a problem, that being said gloucester (I nearly said Gower!) grades are notoriously soft, maybe the high-point of the day was trying the tufa and crack 7a+ midway through the session and finding it technically not that difficult but incredibly fun, with twisty barn doors, tufa climbing and the most solid two finger locks I have ever thrown into a crack! I always say this, but this is one I feel I could give a considerable try at doing clean on lead when I'm fresh! Apart from that not much is happening, some regular correspondence with my greekin it up girlfriend whom I'm eagerly awaiting visiting, can't wait! and then looking forward to the alps, which in preparation I have been looking up avalanche awareness and other such safety information. I must say that although I am keen to try some big mountain stuff, my primal area that I wish to push myself on this upcoming trip will be on rock, either in huge 12 pitch multi-pitches (not looking forward to the abs!) or on short but ferocious 6b+ to 7a+ single pitches that will really push my technical ability to its upper extremes; some big whippers to be expected! And so having no picture or any form of media to leave you, my avid readers (or reader, or maybe just myself in some strange and lonely quixotic epiphany of the soul) a picture I dug p from the good ol' North Wales trip. (note how young we all look!)
And so, until we meet again, just let go.